Synstores, a revolution in retail temperature measurement, gastronomy and pharmacy.

IRS Synstores GmbH develops and produces systems for the online monitoring and recording of temperatures and other parameters in the cold chain, mainly for applications in retail, healthcare and gastro. After a thorough analysis of existing systems, and based on our group´s experiences in commercial refrigeration, we decided some years ago to develop the Synstores platform.

A main objective was to create a maintenance free system with optimal cost/benefit relation, which is flexible and has high-end technical performance, but is also according to the latest European norms. It is wireless, and has a battery lifetime of more than 30 years without battery replacement, and there is no need for periodic re-calibration. It is tested by the German TÜV for compliance with EN12830.

Synstores enables a fully automated operation according to HACCP and GxP regulations, all data and aplications are accessible via a Microsoft Cloud server and are absolute secure. We will further extend our product portfolio by new sensor types and applications, which will all be integrated into the Synstores platform. All components are produced in Europe.

Synstores is also supporting its customers in the area of Corporate Responsibility - it contributes to a more efficient use of cooling devices - thus saving energy for a more economical handling of food and other temperature sensitive goods, reducing food loss and other damages, and of course also contributing to a higher level of customer satisfaction, as their demand on quality and freshness is constantly growing.

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